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Photo credit: Carla Rhodes

Annual Conference

October 18th to 20th, 2024

Equitable Access to Nature

Wildlife tracking is an ancient skill and lifeway. People of all backgrounds, skill levels, and interests deserve equitable access to the benefits of tracking: a deepened connection to wildlife, a sense of belonging in nature, and enhanced personal well-being. Northeast Wildlife Trackers is committed to creating safer, more welcoming and accessible tracking spaces. Please visit our Access page to learn more, donate, or apply for access funds.

Field Notes

Explore the archive of field notes from expert trackers, naturalists, and outdoor enthusiasts from all our past newsletters. 

2023 Conference Highlights

At our 15th Annual Conference we had some incredible presenters and participants for a wonderful educational and community-building experience.

"Love these conferences- to be able to share information and experiences with other trackers and I always learn new things."
Hilary Filios
"As a first time attendant, I was very happy with the offerings and particularly liked the Sunday field session to apply some of what I had learned the day before, not to mention the fact that Sunday was one of the most amazing days of tracking out in the field for me. It was also so satisfying to be amongst so many wonderful people with similar interests."
Kathy Walker
"Inspiring speakers and great organization. Thank you!"

Our Partners

We have so much gratitude to those that uplift our mission with their services and support.

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